Sunday, 23 March 2014

'The third resource being the lemons

So I was at  All Pakistan Intercollegiate Convention for Story Writers held at KEMU Lahore. There was a panel discussion comprising of popular Pakistani writers such as Musharruf Ali Farouqi and Tanzeela Shah.Scribed a few notes and thought I had share them with all the aspiring writers out there.

'There are two resources you need to write a story. These are your hands and your mind that is your imagination. Luckily, I had a third resource too. LEMONS! So what do you do when life hands you over with lemons? You make lemonades! And I created stories. So with my hands,my imagination and the third resource being the lemons, I became a short story writer!' were the words of Tanzila Khan, when asked how did she become a writer.

When asked for advice for the short story writers,another panel member Musharuf Ali Farouqi said that reading is an absolute essential for that process.The more you read,the more confident you become in your expression because you have the exposure to say what you want.He also advised to read twice a book you admire because you are likely to find new grounds.He shared his experience of writing a novel in which he sketched out all the characters of his novel and then found out that there existed connections between them.His strong advice was to study classics of multiple languages and to try translating them.Become aware of the major themes and try connecting them with what you already know of your own language.

And his last message was that write what's near to your heart and what completes you as a person.Write for the sake of writing!