Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Choice

(On the 1789 declaration of human rights act)

A thick ray of light amid darkness
finds its way to light up
the innocent dreams of people
crushed, ruthlessly for centuries
A tribute to the hope that never got lost
amidst terror and misery
And clearly showed, once and for all
take away you can, anything and everything
except the choose and dream
And in those choices, we choose 

to live in a world where
dreams are inspirations
and inspirations are sources of actions
And the sanctity of human life

is above all
And equality is the song
that vibrates every heart
Where wealth brings happiness, not recession
And helplessness isn't what the poor feel

And peace is the rhythm
of every human life
And love surrounds all
like an aura
transparent, omnipotent, rejoicing!