Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I,ME And Pain

"Yes it hurts.Yes its painful.Yes it feels like some one is stabbing you when you are already injured.Some one is kicking you when you are already down."

"So what?"

"You are not alone.People rise all the time.From abusive and alcoholic backgrounds.From rapes and injuries and disabilities and addictions."

"Is that impossible.?"

"Not at all."

"Near to impossible,?"

"May be."

"Done before,?"

"loads of times."

"Worth doing it?"

"Hell Yeah."


"then what,Just do it!"

"What about the pain?"

"Its temporary and an illusion."

"Sure about that?"


"F**k off.I don't believe you."

"Then who do you believe ?"


"All you have got is me."

Deeper silence.

"I am doomed,right?"

"Not exactly."


"Well yeah."

"So what should I do?"

"What Harry Potter did after being killed by Voldemort apparently by Avada Kedawra."

"Who is my Dumbledore?"


"Again you.?"

"You don't get it,do you?"


"Dumbledore didn't gave Harry any secret weapon did he?"

"Well No."

"What he did gave him was the meaning of his life,the spirit to fight and find ways despite everything against you.He trusted him."


"I trust you to carry out what is impossible."

"Are you with me till the very end?"


"Like the people called by the resurrection stone."

"No,like Love.Always eternal."

"What to do when I am scared?"

"I will stay with you'."

"And when my heart breaks?"

"I will ease your aches".

"Who are you?"

"I am...You!"

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Standing In the Dark So Long

Standing in the dark for so long

Feeling the emotions,yet so strong

To defy the dark,to resist its evil

To fight the binding chains so cruel

To be the champ against all odds

Finally able to silence the barking dogs

Reaching myself out to that impossible dream

No matter what the restrictions,where the stream

Being that man only seems like second nature

Though there is nothing but me to nurture

So despite the abrasions and fears,I won't quit

Yeah it matters to stick when you get the hardest hit

So here it goes,my first poem.Tell me how it was and what could be done to shape it further.Thanks!