Saturday, 7 May 2016

Roads and Ways

May be we are searching
For a way, out of the way
Where the drifting shadows of the wall
Fail to temper our soul
Where footsteps echo without surety 
And that echo is listened 
Without insecurity
Where the contact with the ground
Is an affirmation of the things
To come: Not a reminder
Of the ones that didn't
That when we grow tired 
We speak about being touched
By something that we didn't know
Since we knew time


Amidst the wheels searching for a way
Through the dust and heat of Mall road
Countless other ways are trodden 
By those relentless wheels driven by
The engine's collective unconscious:
The way of a non-wheel entity 
Wanting a quiet walk by the road
Or of a non-engine primate
Trying to read a book
In the adjacent Oval ground
The way of the one
Too perplexed to cross such a road
Non-engines of this age, and city
Lost the luxury of walking
Miles on a silent road.
(The road that used to be a way)


They break the roads
Without caring for the ways
Never built, never traveled
The ways that waited all too long
To watch themselves cemented
And 'honored' by concrete
The ways not frequented by neurotic wheels
The ways that are not sometimes seen
The ways that welcome a quiet walk
The ways that ease away
The woes of a capitalist day
Sanctuaries against productivity, without profit
But such places 
Won't win them elections, or profits.


It's better to tell people they can move
Anywhere they want
Courtesy of the steel tracks being laid
Anywhere they want, as long as they are away
From the personal fields that are going
Infertile: Because so many people 
Are restlessly moving away
Or living in the charm
Of being able to do that.