Sunday, 23 November 2014

I Can See You

I can see you
In the distance, through the distance,
And even though
The stones that stand between you and me
As opaque, placid they can be, stronger than ever,
Strengthened by centuries of decaying
of connection and will and life and joy,
And that earth beneath me is refusing to stay still,
And that my eyes are blind by the shadows of strain
And my hands now refuse to listen to me,
Because you are so far away from me,
And because you are above the frame and space for me,
And because you are a mirror
That reflects my burning, my yearnings and my learnings,
And because that burning produces a light
That flames the yearnings
Which lights the learning,
And that light can pass though stones, and frozen hands and blind eyes,
To reach you,
Because you know it,
And since you know it, you reflect it,
Thus in that reflection, despite everything,

I can see you.