Friday, 10 October 2014

Ma'en Ni Mien Keh'nun Akhan by Shah Hussain ((Translation)

Ma'en ni keh'nun akhan, dard wachore da haal

O' mother, to whom should I narrate, the pain of estrangement?

Dhuan Dhu'ke mere murshid wala, jaan pholan taa'n laal

the smoke rises out of (the extinguished fire of) my passion for my beloved, (but if) I scrutinize the ashes, the coal is still red.

So'laan mar diwani keti, burhoon piya saade khayal

The strokes of anguish rendered me insane, my every thought is sunk in rift.

Dukhan di rooti, So'laan da saalan, Aa'hun da balan 

(My meal consists of) the bread of sorrow, the curry of angst, cooked on the heat of my sighs.

Jangul bee'le phire dhond'endi, aaje na payo laal

I wander around in the woodlands, probing, but have not found the gem yet.

Ranjhan Ranjhan phira'aan dhondedi, Ranjhan mere naal

(I call out) Ranjhan, Ranjhan(the beloved) searching for him,( but) he is with me (all along)

Kaahe Hussain faqeer numana, shoo mile taa'n thayon nihaal

Says the innocent Dervesh Shah Hussain, I'll be happy when I'll find the beloved.

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