Friday, 5 September 2014

Free;As A Drop Of Rain

Rain. It flows like a continuum of suppressed rage when there is no fear to scare it off. That rage is fearless and thus honest and resounding.And with all that is blunt and honest and resounding, there lies a subtle beauty in rain.

That beauty is freedom.

A freedom that is revealed and embraced by every drop of rain.

A freedom to give up the ultimate heights at the message of a cold wind and dive fearlessly to unknown depths.

A freedom to transcend down with humility in a world that is not free, that has limitations both in essence and existence.

A freedom to make music when striking cords with anything on its way.

A freedom to venture for an unknown, dark destination and still be enthusiastic about it.

A freedom to bid farewell to their homes, where they got borne and cherished and found peace.

A freedom to bid farewell to other drops of rain whom it saw being formed, who embraced that drop like a part of themselves and the drop knew it was a drop when he watched those other drop.

A most importantly the freedom to bid farewell to its own self, for the journey between the cloud and earth will be the last time it will know itself before driven in to oblivion and a wait to see the sunshine again. 

That single drop of rain is free and willing to do all of these things,the moment a cool wind touches it.

Are we as free as a drop of rain?