Thursday, 15 May 2014


I invite you to be silent for the duration of the time you read this post.

Silent within and just forget everything because you'll eventually do in the years to come. I am not predicting Alzheimer's but rather the realization that most of the things you are after now appear rather futile when you look back,trying to connect the dotes of your life. Often times, the things that make more sense later are things that are in hindsight in the present.

If you observe carefully, there is a ray of light in the display picture of this blog. Concentrate on that. Isn't it beautiful? Did you notice it when you opened the link and the window appeared? How many rays of light like that have you failed to notice just because you were so busy in the urgency of the moment? These rays can represent anything; a new perspective, a new dimension or even a new life amidst the darkness that might be encapsulating you right now.Sometimes all you need to see is the silver lining in any situation,distant in the dark horizons yet it makes all the difference.

A captain of a ship being used for slave trade,opened his heart and awareness for that ray of light and sparked a movement that would later free the lives of millions of humans around the vast British empire. John Newton described that awareness as the 'Amazing Grace'.'I once was lost but now I found, was blind but now I see'. The sweetness of that grace then faced the bitterness of the cruel slave masters yet it didn't lost her charm and won.

We all wait for that amazing grace in our lives. But to really receive it, to realize it's sweetness and to let that sweetness overpower our bitterness, we have got to be aware of it.