Friday, 26 February 2016

If I look at you 
In a pale dote, that is blue

Then you and I
Stand united in the sky

Monday, 15 February 2016

The Cellars of Existence

I am feeling like a person
Who has a lot to convey
From the cellars of his existence
But the doors to the living room are shut
And I don't have the key
To open them
And walk through them
And sit on the chair
With my back straight
And watch the sunlight descending from the windows
Illuminating the borders
Flooded by reluctant tears
Of years of living among the solitary confinement
Being destroyed by it, yet never disliking it
There is a tree somewhere, a dense tree
In the garden of that house
I have known it through the roots
That broke through the concrete ceiling of the cellar
Searching for an unknown sustenance
Not giving up in the face of the ruthless cement
Or the DNA that told them
To stay in the mud in order to survive
Rebelling against the translation of their nature
Both the roots and me
Got to know each other
Through a distance destroyed by silence
And I then knew
Why I had been waiting to cry
For the roots had traveled all that distance
To seek those tears
A human sustenance
For a yet non human light
And when some day
The doors will open
I'll walk through the living room
In to the garden
And watch the tree
Which I had cultivated
When I couldn't even see it
The tree which was deemed
The perfect destination
By the rivers of my soul.