Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Instinct to Die

There was resistance
To the mirrors that reflected darkness
From the abyss that life fell in to; daily
From the lack inherent in the streamline
Made straight by the granite stones
That are not visible, only to be felt
By the waves that dare to go elsewhere
Not wanting survival, security or belonging
Willing to die on the ruthless shore
Where countless before perished 
In their quest to escape the mighty flow
To breathe in a different medium 
To seek sustenance from a source
Known to kill

The first being that escaped water
That escaped the substance that nourished generations
Was slaughtered in the air, by the air
The air, strengthened by absence of multitudes 

Why would that life escape
The familiar scent of the previous generations
The comfort ever pervasive and sustaining 
The unending sustenance 
To seek creation in the mirror of death?

I wonder if there is a superior instinct 
Than the instinct of life and survival;
The instinct to die;
The death of life lived countless times before
In other bodies
The death of life that lives for living's sake
The death of life that reflects only darkness 
Living comfortably; The Darkness of the ages.