Friday, 23 October 2015

Travel Notes; En-route Gilgit Baltistan

From a town settled on a mountain
I watch you from a road alongside it
Under the light of moon
Above that mountain
You exist in the distance
Between me and that mountain 

That distance represents the life to be explored
and created

Right now, I watch that distance. I behold you as an entity fascinating and unreachable. 

But trust me so and deny me not
Your Beauty 
When my vulnerable hands extend
To hold it


The moon light falls on the mist
Before reaching the valley below
The stars above the mountain 
Speak with the mountain top.

I watch these two lights search and speak 
To the pebbles placed beneath and above the mist
And I want nothing more
Than to learn 
The language of the light
When it treks the mountain top
When it negotiates the mist
And when it reaches out beyond that mist
And speaks softly 
To the ground that holds it all. 


The mountain top is clear,still and distant
I watch that clarity, stillness and distance
With awe; it is not exclusive of me
Even though I am moving around the base of that mountain
Watching the tides performing their pilgrimage
Around that stillness.

The Pathways of Gilgit Baltistan.