Saturday, 12 September 2015

No god but God

The time stood undiscovered
And life was yet to be created 
God stood there
Unknown, Ununderstood, 
He saw in forsight, His creation
With the life He was about to bestow
The life that was to search for Him
And know Him
and that would unite
the knower and the known.

He decided to separate a part of Himself,
and put it in that creation
So that that part,
may return to Him, searching
understanding, knowing Him along the way

Perhaps He forgot
That His part was also Him
Through and through
That wanted to be known rather than to know
and wanted to created 
A world of his own
That would fight in his name
and kill 
Wanting a prophet in that world
To worship and adore him
To talk with him when he does not want to 
To spend restless nights, chanting his name
To die in his name

God in his quest to be known
Created countless other gods
Who believe all but one thing,
That there is no god but God!