Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Condensed Life


Where does the light go
After being stopped by the clouds
On its way to the humans
Who may or may not want it
Does it find a refuge
Somewhere in the cosmos
Or is it absorbed
in the unending curves of those clouds
Who are nothing but life condensed
In mid air, stopping the light
to reach the scattered life beneath
The clouds, unaware of the approaching winds
That are about to make them
As scattered as the life beneath
As if they act as mirrors in the sky
Reflecting the life beneath
In the absence of the light they block
Of humans who start out pure,condensed
The winds of life scatter them around,
Make them fall
They gather themselves again, piece by piece
And rise above where they were thrown
But the winds again, approach that floating existence
Of pieces glued together through painful toil
And break it apart in a different way
Creating new disjointed pieces,
Condemned to different places
Like the drops of rain.