Friday, 23 January 2015

The Other Side

I don’t know for how long the barrage will stand,
But I love the sound of the waves crashing,
I even love the withering they instigate inside it,
I also love the moisture they leave before dying out,
As if placing a heir,
In a land that is unknown and even hostile,
Yet they believe till the point of dying,
That it was meant to be theirs,
I envy that spirit,
The cement of barrage dam envies it, 
to the point of respecting it,
And as the waves come, relentlessly
Like tears come with out shame, amidst long companionship
I stagger at the trust they have,
On the other side of the barrage,
I wish, Oh I wish,
That there was someone else on the other side, instead of  me
I trust the dam, the waves trust me more,
And they know that hitting the wall is just an excuse,
The dam always breaks from the other side.